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Our Organic Bird‰۪s Eye Chili is the small variation in variety to larger red chilies or Jalapeno‰۪s. The Bird‰۪s eye chili, native to South East Asian countries where they are very common, are known to be very (chili) hot and pungent, they are also extremely aromatic, fragrant and flavorful which makes the bird‰۪s eye chili an indispensable ingredient in Asian dishes. Bird‰۪s eye chili measure between 100.000 to 225.000 Scoville Units, which is at the lower half of the range for all chilies tested for heat levels. These flavorful chilies are extensively used in many Thai, Malaysian and also South Indian dishes.åÊåÊ

South East Asian chilies we know today were brought to Europe and from there to other parts of the world in the 16th and 17th centuries by Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch traders. According to historical account were the Portuguese traders the ‰Û÷birds‰۪ who handed the chilies to the natives of Thailand, after the Spanish ‰Û÷initially‰۪ brought the chilies from the New World to Europe. The sailors consumed chilies together with ginger because of the high levels of vitamin C to prevent scurvy, this long before it was discovered that oranges could do the same.

Historically Bird‰۪s eye chilies have been used as a natural remedy to cure arthritis, rheumatism, flatulence and toothache. Recent studies have shown proof that consuming a little chili, including Bird‰۪s eye chili, helps to get better sleep and to sleep longer. Consuming Bird‰۪s eye chilies is also believed to be good for the heart; because it lowers cholesterol more blood reaches the heart which keeps your heart healthier.

Using at Home
In Asian cuisine Bird‰۪s eye chili is mainly used as condiment as well as flavoring in wide variety of dishes. Blending up these whole chilies is a great way to incorporate them into curries and sauces, or try using the whole chilies during the cooking process to incorporate the rich spiciness‰ÛÓand then removing them before serving the dish.

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