Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea


People have been drinking loose leaf tea for centuries. Yet most modern consumers have very little experience brewing and enjoying a cup of traditional loose tea, instead opting for a quick cup brewed using the conventional tea bags found in mainstream grocery stores.

The common misconception is that loose leaf tea is inconvenient and time-consuming. However, brewing loose leaf tea isn’t as labor-intensive as you might think and results in a better tasting and more flavorful cup of tea.

Firstly, conventional tea bags are often filled with tea dust rather than full tea leaves, impacting the quality of your brew immensely. Loose leaf teas are of better quality and offer more taste and a better aroma than what’s offered in conventional tea bags.

To get the best flavored tea, leaves require room to expand during brewing. Tea bags hinder movement and provide a bland taste. However, a loose tea offers unmatched subtlety and full flavor.

Loose leaf tea can also be re-steeped. After a single steep, conventional tea bags lose flavor and are considered useless.

Plus, conventional tea is often bagged in bleached paper that can add chemicals and harsh flavor to your tea and make the product less eco-friendly as loose tea.

Finally, conventional tea bags are often machine-produced in high volumes, meaning freshness can’t always be guaranteed.

At Spicely Organics, we prioritize quality above all else, and that is why we are committed to bringing you hundreds of delicious organic loose leaf teas, which can be seen here.

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