Have you ever tried cold brewing? It’s all the rage in the coffee world right now, but this technique is equally tasty with teas!

With cold brews, the flavor profile is a little different from traditional brewing because it’s less bitter - especially with Camellia teas, which have astringent antioxidants that seep out in high temperatures. Instead, cold brewing will pull out bright, fruity, and acidic flavors, resulting in a smoother tasting tea. Added bonus: not only is cold brewing delicious but it’s also eco-friendly, since you’re not using energy to boil your water!

To cold brew tea, simply combine 2-3 mounded tablespoons of loose leaf tea (either loose in water and then sieved, or in tea pouches) with water in a 1000mL pitcher, and refrigerate overnight. Let sit for at least 8 hours for maximum infusion.
There’s no need to remove the tea as it does not become bitter over time like traditionally brewed tea, but be sure to filter it out before serving.

You can brew any tea type with this method, but our fruity teas like Organic Hibiscus Refresher and Berry Medley both look gorgeous in a glass pitcher (that hibiscus!) and are delicious. Prepare yourself for the last throes of summer; give cold brewing a try!

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