Jams and jellies are ancient preservation methods that are still appreciated today, and with good reason – it’s easy to make and stores so well!

But the simplicity can get boring at times, and younger generations of producers are creating exotic and delicious combinations to mix things up (Grapefruit and smoked Salt) Limetta Marmalade Blueberry Bourbon

Making jam and jellies are surprisingly easy. The key is make sure that (1) you’re using the right amount of sugar, (2) the jam reaches about 217F/103 C boiling point and (3) there’s enough acidity to get fruit’s natural pectin to form. Make sure work clean and sterilize your jars so that the jam doesn’t spoil! (For more information on jamming, visit PickYourOwn.org)

Once you understand the mechanics of it, the sky is your limit!
Here are some combinations that we think would work great:

Enjoy your spiced jams slathered on toast, warm on goat cheese, or in a cup of black tea to make Russian Tea.
Better yet, make a bunch and share with your friends! Especially since the holidays are just around the corner...

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