Poultry seasoning is a traditional American spice blend that is used for poultry meats like chicken, turkey, Cornish hens, squab, duck, and quails.

It’s mostly a mixture of strong field herbs like sage and thyme. Other common includes may include marjorm, rosemary black pepper, savory , and or oregano. Most of these ingredients are spices with woodsy or herb-y elements; this characteristic flavor profile of “poultry seasoning” helps to tame game-y flavors in wild fowl, but it also works great with vegan proteins like tofu and seitan.

While we offer our own Organic Poultry Seasoning blend, it’s also fun to blend your own and tweak it to your liking. Try it with salt as a dry rub on your Sunday roast, sprinkle some into your favorite stuffing recipe, or add it to your wet brine for an extra succulent fried chicken recipe. Don’t forget to post some of your creations on our Facebook Page!

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