Herb and spice infused vinegar is easy to make at home, and adds a refreshing spark to salad dressings and dips. It looks great, and unlike infused oil, it doesn't spoil easily, so it's perfect for gifting!

While white distilled vinegar is readily available and economical, try experimenting with other vinegars too! For instance, sherry vinegar goes well with herbs like our Country Vinaigrette seasoning or our Fines Herbes. White balsamic vinegar is sweet and savory, so it’ll make a great Italian Herbs vinegar. Finally, white wine vinegar with our Harissa Seasoning makes an amazing hot sauce.

To make your infused vinegar, simply heat a cup of vinegar until it begins to steam. In a sterilized jar, place your spices and herbs, then gently pour the vinegar over it. Seal and let age for two weeks in a cool, dry place and the vinegar will be ready to use.

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