Welcome to MADE WITH SPICELY, where we feature the makers and artisans who use Spicely Organics ingredients! Today we want to introduce you to The Springs in sunny Los Angeles!

Located in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, The Springs includes an organic juice bar, yoga studio, wellness center, and a 100% organic raw and vegan restaurant and wine bar. The Springs is an eco-vegan-mind-body-one-stop “Urban Oasis” for health-conscious consumers, wellness-seekers, and foodies.
While the food is primarily designed to be first and foremost healthy, it is also flavorful and satisfying for vegans and carnivores alike. Helming the kitchen is Chef Michael Falso - a classically trained chef who previously worked for Mario Batali. Chef Falso stumbled upon the raw food lifestyle in 2010 and has been exploring it ever since. The food at The Springs is what you would expect from a chef of Falso’s caliber - everything from mustard to nut flours are made in-house, never to be heated above 118F.

Using Spicely Organics spices, Chef Falso creates tasty dishes like falafels with almond-zucchini hummus and zaatar flatbread and taco salad with cashew sour cream. Not only does that sound amazing, but it looks gorgeous!
If you’re in the area, be sure to check out The Springs. Whether you’re looking for a clean meal, a relaxing yoga session, or just want to chill in their beautifully designed dining room, you’ll surely find a reason to stay!

608 Mateo Street
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 223-6226



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