August 10th Is SMORES Day!

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Perhaps no culinary creation is more capable of filling people with blissful nostalgia than the beloved S’more. This simultaneously fluffy, gooey, and crunchy campfire favorite magically transforms three seemingly simple ingredients into an exquisite dessert that leaves both kids and adults licking their fingers and fist fighting over roasting sticks- Is that what you call those things? Really drawing a blank…

More than just the mouth-watering taste, S’mores seem to command their own powerful food culture -full of unspoken rules, taboos, and traditions. With it’s linguistic influence known to immerse complete strangers in passionate conversation -generally consisting of radical debates over proper ‘mallow roasting and the perfect chocolate to cracker ratio.


Despite our universal (by “universal” I mean America and Canada) respect for these nighttime campfire treats, it has come to my recent attention that few people know its true origins. So I’ve taken the liberty this National S’mores Day to dig up the backstory.

The word s’more first originated as slang for the phrase “some more”, which was associated with the treat in its early days –as in…

“…then sandwhich the gooeyness with gram crackers, take a bite, and you’ll surely want some more!”

These beginning days of S’more making were during the early 1900’s when simultaneous food innovations (mass produced ‘mallows, graham crackers, and chocolate all hit the scene at an affordable price) made the treat feasible. With the first recorded recipe of this epic snack appearing in the 1927 book Tramping and Trailing with Girl Scouts.

Soon after, the easy transportation and irresistible flavor of this dessert sandwich became a favorite of those experiencing the great outdoors. Popularity of the treat really picked up speed after WWII, as Americans began buying up cars and taking to national parks as a favored form of leisure. Around this time, the immaculate creation took on its common name. With various ‘50s recipe books referring to the “s’more” and listing the same devoted ingredients and preparation that we use today…

“A square of milk chocolate delicately placed on half of a graham cracker, topped with a freshly roasted marshmallow, and smashed together with the remaining graham cracker half. Devour the entire thing… neglect the gooey-mess… and ask for some-more!”

When it comes to ingredients for a food with such rich tradition there is nothing wrong with using the time honored campfire-trinity of: Honey-Maid Grahams, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, and Kraft’s Jet Puffed ‘mallows.

However, if you feel like kicking your flavor level up a notch this National S’mores Day, the simple substitution of our uniquely flavored chocolate is a great place to start! For our celebration we chose to rock our Masala Chai Dark Chocolate, and sprinkled the ‘mallow mid-roast with some of our Ceylon True Cinnamon. Needless to say… the spicy-rich taste of the chocolate melded seamlessly with the other flavors, creating a sweet and gooey crunch that had everyone who tried it begging for …s’more!

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