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Made With Spicely: TROU NORMAND

Posted by ila nguyen on

We are excited to announce that one of our culinary customers, TROU NORMAND in San Francisco, is now open! TROU NORMAND is named after the Norman tradition of drinking Calvados (apple brandy) as a palate cleanser, and the restaurant itself is a celebration of great food and drink. Chef Salvatore Cracco transforms the venerable Mantalitsa pig into over 40 kinds of charcuterie, all made with 100% certified organic spices from SPICELY! We are very honored to be part of the wonderful food here and hope that you will pay them a visit soon. TROU NORMAND140 New MontgomerySan Francisco, CA 94105

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Ripening Peppercorns

Posted by Olivia Maki on

  Since the discovery of spices long ago, wars have been fought for them, kings and queens have longed for them and food lovers have delighted in them. Spices have inspired brave adventurers and epic poems. Ancient healing systems from traditional Chinese medicine to Ayurveda have practiced specific spice combinations that shaped the very flavors we know their countries for today.   Ground pepper is a staple in most recipes all around the world. From adding a gentle kick to your soup to causing a sneeze attack, this spice is commonplace in most kitchens. But what about the variations in colors...

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