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Black Tea: Rich, Full-Bodied & Classic

Posted by Melissa Lopez on

  Black tea has a full-bodied, robust flavor profile, sometimes with notes of oak, leather, chocolate or spice. It has a distinct, deep red color and flavor that can be intimidating to new tea drinkers, but, once accustomed, many people love black tea for its richness and classic appeal. Those who prefer a milder flavor can add a splash of honey or cream for a slightly sweeter, more accessible taste. For regular coffee drinkers, black tea is a great alternative. It’s the most caffeinated variety of tea and can help curb even the most java-diehard’s coffee cravings. Interestingly, black tea...

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The Fermentation of Pu-erh Tea

Posted by Bianca Medina on

  Pu-erh comes from the small evergreen tree, known as Camellia sinensis. It can be cultivated around the world in sunny climates that have rich moist growing soils. It is native to the southern and eastern portions of Asia, and typically associated with China’s Yunnan province.   History: Over the years, many methods of drying, frying, aging, mellowing, rolling, and forming tea leaves have been tried and perfected. In the making of pu-erh, tea leaves are first withered to begin the initial break down which eliminates some of the grassy taste associated with fresh foliage. So that the leaves don’t rot,...

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