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Spiced Jams and Jellies

Jams and jellies are ancient preservation methods that are still appreciated today, and with good reason – it’s easy to make and stores so well! But the simplicity can get boring at times, and younger generations of producers are creating exotic and delicious combinations to mix things up (Grapefruit and Smoked Salt? Limetta Marmalade?...

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The World of Spices: History, Culture, Uses & Benefits

Our CEO, John Chansari, was interviewed by An Organic Conversation, and the podcast will go live tomorrow!


OAC is a Norcal based radio show, hosted by Helge Hellberg, Sitarani Palomar, and Mark Mulcahy. The show discusses "innovative solutions to today's environmental and social challenges, healthy living, and sustainable choices". It's a great podcast if you're following the movement; and the website also as videos!
Come check it out and explore the health benefits and culinary uses of spices with the AOC team and John.


The World of Spices: History, Culture, Uses & Benefits
with guest John Chansari of Spicely Organics 

airing: beginning Saturday, August 9th

Listen Here:

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Made with Spicely: MISSION: HEIRLOOM

    We're happy to announce the opening of MISSION: HEIRLOOM, a grain-free restaurant in Berkeley, CA.    Here's what Kate from MISSION: HEIRLOOM has got to say: "Mission: Heirloom is a multi-platform food company that provides inspired, nutrient-dense meals for delivery and at our soon-to-open cafe in Berkeley. We are above and beyond...

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