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Moroccan Mint Tea

In Morocco, tea is a way of life. People drink tea all day. If you have a guest, you serve tea as a sign of hospitality - and as a guest, one should never refuse. The art of tea can range anywhere from a mundane occurrence to something ceremonial. Gunpowder tea and spearmint leaves are steeped in a pot, swished around so that the flavors fully bloom. Sugar is added but milk is not, and then served in ornate glasses. Moroccan tea is one of the earliest examples of globalization. In the 1850s, a British merchant arrived with gunpowder tea...

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May 30th is National Mint Julep Day!

  The mint julep is a traditional American cocktail and is said to have been invented around the 18th century in the Southern states. There are records from as early as 1784 where mint julep was prescribed for stomach ailments.Traditionally, mint julep is made with bourbon, but we have an equally fun virgin mint julep recipe for you! Organic Mint Melange Syrup 8 oz hot water 8 oz granulated sugar 1 tin Organic Mint Melange Combine all ingredients and whisk until homogeneous. Steep overnight, then strain to use. Organic Mint Julep (non-Alcoholic) 3 tsp lime juice concentrate 6 tbsp Organic...

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The Refreshing Flavors of Mint

Cool, bright, green and refreshing, the smell and sight of mint instantly conjures up images of spring. This perennial herb is surprisingly versatile and a welcome addition to everything from chutney and pasta to ice cream and Moroccan tea.   While more than 30 mint herb varieties exist, peppermint and spearmint are the two most commonly used. Peppermint has a relatively stronger, slightly peppery taste that pairs well with chocolate and other sweets, while spearmint, with a cooler, more subtle taste, is great for savory cooking.   Mint plays nicely with a variety of other spices, including cardamom, coriander, cumin,...

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