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How To Cold Brew Tea

  Have you ever tried cold brewing? It’s all the rage in the coffee world right now, but this technique is equally tasty with teas! With cold brews, the flavor profile is a little different from traditional brewing because it’s less bitter - especially with Camellia teas, which have astringent antioxidants that seep out in high temperatures. Instead, cold brewing will pull out bright, fruity, and acidic flavors, resulting in a smoother tasting tea. Added bonus: not only is cold brewing delicious but it’s also eco-friendly, since you’re not using energy to boil your water! To cold brew tea, simply...

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Spicely Organic Tea & Chocolate

Spicely Organics carries herbs and spices from around the world and our vision is to provide the best organic ingredients. Now, we are expanding our product line to include tea and chocolate. Spicely has over 100 teas and tea blends that you won’t find elsewhere. We selectively choose every ingredient that goes into each blend and have designed them to be deliciously compatible with our chocolates. We’ve taken what made Spicely Organics great - our signature teas and spices - and integrated it them with our exciting new chocolate collection.   Eco-friendly packaging, convenient sizes, and a curated collection of gift boxes are all part of your Spicely experience. Spicely Organics offers 100% Certified Organic, Gluten-Free and Kosher...

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