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The Vanilla Orchid

Posted by Olivia Maki on

  There are three species of vanilla, all of which grow from a perennial climbing orchid, vanilla planifolia, vanilla tahitensis, and vanilla pompona. All three species originate from the orchid v. planifolia, which is native to Mesoamerica and was used by the Aztecs.   In the 1520s Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés attempted to bring vanilla back to Europe, but failed because the orchid could only be pollinated by a bee that is native to Mexico. It wasn't until 1819 that a method of hand pollination was discovered, which is the method that is still used today.   Until hand pollination was discovered, Mexico was...

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Pu-erh Spicy Ginger Chai

Posted by Bianca Medina on

  In many parts of the world, the word chai simply means tea. In India, a popular version of chai is brewed by boiling assam tea leaves with milk, sugar, and cardamom. Over the years however, there have been many interpretations of this spicy drink. We have created a spiced beverage with all the goodness of ingredients sourced from their origin, one of our favorite flavors is Organic Pu-erh Spicy Ginger Chai. It’s a deliciously spiced beverage that can be enjoyed alone or enhanced by adding milk and sweetener.   This chai blend, with a base of Pu-erh tea, has a...

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