Food Safety

In order to ensure that each and every one of our products meets the highest standards of food safety, we utilize steam-treatment and other state-of-the-art food processing technology. These methods allow us to eliminate all bacteria, fungus, and potential pathogens in our food products -far exceeding the FDA food safety standards - without having to use hazardous synthetic sprays and fungicides that other spice and tea companies rely on so heavily. This ensures that the taste of our gluten-free seasonings are never compromised by harsh heat processing, that our organic teas are free from synthetic chemicals, and that our fair-trade chocolates are as safe as they are delicious.


Our facility and products, along with the farms that we source from, undergo rigorous third-party certifications to ensure that we consistently exceed the highest standards in product quality and environmental sustainability. Our USDA Organic certification means each of our products adhere to strict governmental criteria, so you can rest assured that our organic herbs and spices are produced with no synthetic chemicals or irradiation. Fair Trade makes sure that our products are sourced from socially responsible farms that don’t allow child labor or unsafe work conditions, and our Gluten Free certification verifies that each and everyone of our products are cultivated, processed, and transported to ensure that we have truly 100% certified Gluten-Free spices and seasonings – as well as chocolate and tea. Additionally our company is, 100% vegan - which means all of our processing is done without the use of animal byproducts, uses 100% biodegradable packaging - meaning that if recycled our boxes will break down and naturally cycle back into nature, and 100% renewable energy compliant -which means we offset all our power usage with renewable sources.


Located in downtown San Francisco our boutique is similar to a fantasy-like amusement park, but for food-minded adults. With a mind-blowing assortment of organic teas, gluten-free herbs and spices, and tea-infused chocolates there is truly enough deliciousness packed into this shop to keep you busy for hours. We also offer a variety of tea accessories, as well as organic chocolate and spice gift sets that are the ultimate way to deliciously -congratulate your friends, family, and loved ones! If you're in the area we would love to have you stop by to try some samples and taste the Spicely experience for yourself!

Where to find us

Our organic spices and teas can be found in a number of natural food stores around the country such as Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Berkeley Bowl, and lots more. Check out our store locator, to find the nearest place to grab some of our gluten-free chocolates today! If you can’t find any of our certified organic seasonings, teas, and chocolates near you, make a request at your local natural foods store, they are often times happy to work with the demands of customers! Of course, we also offer an array of organic spices in our online store, along with gluten free teas, chocolates, and spices - all of which come with free shipping!