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Our Cream of Tartar is a byproduct of wine making that has many unique culinary and household uses. Also known as potassium bitartrate, it is an acid that is often the component of baking powder. It is a white, odorless powder. Our all-natural cream of tartar is minimally processed, gluten free, and contains no artificial ingredients.

Cream of tartar is left behind in wine barrels after the wine has fermented. It is formed when the main acid used in wine making, tartaric acid, becomes separated from grapes and other tart fruit and forms a powdery substance inside the wine barrels. It is a preservative for the wine and helps to control pH levels. Cream of tartar is one of the main ingredients in baking powder, the other being baking soda. Its acidity reacts with the base of the baking soda when wet, causing baked goods to rise properly

Cream of tartar can be used in a 1:1 solution with baking soda, and then mixed in warm water to help soothe heartburn. A teaspoon in a glass of orange juice once a day is believed to help with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. It is also suggested that cream of tartar can help restore the pH balance of the urinary tract by consuming a small amount in a glass of warm water. It is also suggested that it can act as a natural laxative. Cream of tartar should not be consumed in large quantities, due to its high potassium level, which can cause hyperkalemia.

Using at Home
Cream of tartar is best known for its ability to stabilize egg whites while whipping them. It is used in this way when making meringue, so that the egg wont collapse. A pinch of cream of tartar in boiling sugar, when making candies or caramels, will prevent the sugar from crystallizing. It can give frostings a creamier texture when added to them. Making a solution of cream of tartar and lemon juice or vinegar is effective in cleaning brass, aluminum and copper. It can also clean stained porcelain. Mixed with hydrogen peroxide, it can remove rust from metal objects. It is also commonly used in making homemade play-dough.


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