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Organic Aji Amarillo, Ground
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Organic Aji Amarillo, Ground

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Our Organic Ground Aji Amarillo comes from the thick-fleshed Peruvian chilies that have been ground into a powder for easy incorporation into any dish needs a spicy-sweet kick. While in the past this spice could only be found in Peruvian or Mexican grocery stores, it is now more widely available online and even in mainstream marketplaces. It is used primarily in Peruvian cooking but works well when used to flavor soups, stews, sauces, salsas and beans.

Aji Amarillo, or yellow chili۝in Spanish, gets its name from the yellow color the chilies turn when cooked. These peppers are old, historians have discovered what they believe to be Aji Amarillo represented in art from the over 2,000 year old Moche culture of Perus north coast, as well as in Inca culture. These peppers are the most commonly cultivated and consumed pepper in Peru and can be found in almost any Peruvian dish, even served as a garnish.

Since this spice is relatively newer to American markets, health benefits specifically attributed to the Aji Amarillo have not been widely studied. It is known, however, that this spice in particular can aid digestion and blood circulation, and as a chili pepper it possesses high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, which are known to help weight loss and lower cholesterol.

Using at Home
Aji Amarillos tend to be medium-hot, but they are best known for their subtle lemony aroma and distinctly fruity heat. They are crucial ingredients to traditional Peruvian dishes like Papas a la Huacaina, Aji de Gallina, and Causa Lime̱a, but can be added to any South American or Caribbean dish needing some heat. Aji Amarillo is much more widely available ground than fresh, making it easy to sprinkle into any soups, stews, sauces or beans. Another option is to make your own Aji Amarillo chili paste, which can give your best chicken dishes a Peruvian twist.

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