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Our Organic Ground Annatto Seeds have a slightly peppery scent with hints of nutmeg and floral notes. The taste is mild, nutty with touches of pepper and just a little bit sweet. Grown on the achiote tree, also known as the lipstick tree, the ground seeds can also be used to add a deliciously unique shade of orange and yellow to foods.

The achiote tree is believed to be from Brazil, being used there for decorative purposes. The color from the seeds was used as a ritual body paint, and was also used as sunscreen, insect repellent and medicinally. It was used as a food additive for color and flavor throughout Latin America, and brought to Europe by Spanish and Portuguese explorers in the 1500‰۪s.

Current research regarding the health benefits of this seed is focused on tocotrienols, which is similar to Vitamin E, and a powerful antioxidant. It is believed that the compound may have anti-aging effects, which may help prevent the formation of tumors. In addition, some of the compounds in annatto seeds are antimicrobial agents for gram-positive bacteria.

Using at Home
Buying annatto seeds already ground will save a lot of time and trouble if your recipe calls for annatto powder. The seeds are quite hard and require a good spice grinder to properly grind - or a lot of elbow grease with a mortar and pestle. Ground annatto seeds are often used in Latin America as a saffron substitute in traditional Spanish dishes, giving similar color but different flavor. It is a key ingredient in the popular Mexican dish cochinita pibil, slow roasted pork with citrus and annatto in a banana leaf. Annatto seed is also found in tascalate, a chocolaty corn based drink from Chiapas, Mexico. Try utilizing the seeds unique flavor enhancing properties on your own by simply adding a splash to your next meat braise, vegetable based stew, or even your next batch of scrambled eggs.

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Our ingredients are sourced from the highest quality growers around the world, with consistent and large production quantities available. Whatever your needs, you've found a partner dedicated to providing quality ingredients that make your business stand out, with a level of service that you can rely on.

All of our methods, are completely compatible with the full USDA Organic standard, while managing to meet - or surpass - strict FDA regulated safety standards. Our key technologies include: Steam Treated Spice, Steam Treated Spices.


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