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Organic Caraway Seeds Black - Spicely Organics Ecobox
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Organic Caraway Seeds Black - Spicely Organics
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Organic Caraway Seeds Black (Nigella)
Organic Caraway Seeds Black (Nigella)
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Organic Caraway Seeds Black (Nigella)

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Black caraway is actually not related to caraway at all and can be referred to as fennel flower and black cumin. Other common names for these seeds are Nigella seeds, Nigella sativa, charnushka seeds, nutmeg flower, kalonji, and Roman coriander.

Independent 3rd Party Certifications: Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan

Predominately used in Indian and Turkish cooking, these seeds can be found in baking recipes, such as naan bread. It is an ingredient in the Bangladeshi and Indian spice blend panch phoron.

Knead these tasty seeds into flatbread using 1 teaspoon per 1 cup of flour.

Black caraway has historically been used to cure a variety of ailments since the middle ages, it specifically is said to help with allergies.

Ingredients: Organic Caraway Seeds Black.

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