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This famously flavorful spice derived from the cinnamonum species of trees, has long been celebrated for both its culinary and medicinal properties. Unlike many spices made from the fruits or vegetation of plants, cinnamon differs in that it is made up of the inner bark of the tree. Due to this, the process for obtaining this product is quite unique, requiring the removal of the trees outer bark, followed by scraping the inner bark by hand into long narrow strips, and finally allowing it to dry. The unique processing and global transportation of this taste-bud-tantalizing bark has been practiced for thousands of years, with cultures all over the world celebrating the novel flavor it lends to foods and utilizing it for a range of medicinal purposes.

Today cinnamon continues to be globally loved, playing roles in a variety of cuisines and ranging in application from sweet to savory dishes. More recently the spice‰۪s medicinal properties have also gained attention with its consumption being found to help lower blood sugar and cholesterol. It has also become a popular ingredient in home remedies for a range of topical ailments, from curing acne to fighting infection ‰ÛÒthis likely due to cinnamons powerful antimicrobial properties.

This Organic Ground Ceylon Cinnamon is derived from the cinnamomum verum species of trees, and is commonly referred to as ‰ÛÏtrue cinnamon‰۝. This often considered premium variety is exclusively cultivated in Sri Lanka, and is rarely found in stores. It has several key differences compared to the more popular cassia variety. Physically speaking, ceylon is tanner in color, while cassia is a darkish brown. There are also subtle differences in the flavor profile and aroma ‰ÛÒwith ceylon being renowned for its delicately sweet notes while lacking the often harsh spiciness of cassia. Another difference is that ceylon contains significantly less coumarin, a natural occurring substance that can pose toxicity issues if consumed in high amounts. While toxicity from cinnamon is rarely an issue, many people who experience adverse reactions to the consumption of the more common cassia variety, have found that they do not have issues with consuming ceylon cinnamon.

Using at Home

Our premium ground ceylon cinnamon is loaded with spicy-sweet flavors and a deliciously pungent aroma that hits you as soon as you open the package. This complex flavor profile tends to best compliments desserts, but is really quite versatile. You‰۪ll find that it incorporates seamlessly into both sweet and savory dishes, melding and enhancing the natural flavor of the foods, while contributing it‰۪s own uniquely delicious clove-like spiciness and pungent aroma. While substituting ceylon for traditional cinnamon in your holiday baking is a simple way to bring the sweet flavors to the next level, don‰۪t think this spice‰۪s culinary super powers are only for the holidays! Stir a scoop into your next batch of pancakes, use it to caramelize apples for your next bowl of oatmeal, or mix some with ground coffee to bring your morning cup to a whole new level!


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