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Our Organic Ground New Mexico Chili, is natural red in color, and when it comes to chilies, red almost always means taste-bud-melting hot. However, that is not the case with Mexico chilies, measuring just 800 to 1400 SHU‰ÛÓindicating a rather mild level of heat. Instead, the sweet, pungent, earthy flavor makes up for the lack of heat‰ÛÓcreating an equally flavorful burst to easily boost your next savory dish.

New Mexico chilies are actually man made chilies, also known as cultivars. A Dr. Fabian Garcia made them in 1894, when he found these peppers to have ‰Û÷a larger smoother, fleshier, more tapering shoulder, with less pod for canning purposes. The first batch of this cultivar was released in 1913, and luckily, not all went into the canning factories. New Mexico chilies are now hugely popular in Southwestern cuisine, in broader Mexico and of course in New Mexico. Our all natural ground New Mexico chilies is a thankful result, easy to use as an integral staple to Latin American dishes.

Chilies are generally known to be hot, still most are believed to have a soothing effect on the digestive system, relief for symptoms of cold, fever and sore throats. Peppers also are thought to regulate blood flow, potentially strengthening the arteries and possibly reducing chances of a heart attack. In addition, our New Mexico chilies are an excellent source of calcium and vitamin C.

Using at Home
This ground New Mexico chili blend is a popular table condiment in the Southwestern and New Mexican cuisine, where people sprinkle some on a range of dishes based on their taste. Even though traditionally a must in red chili sauces, rubs, chutneys, soups and stews, a pinch in chocolate ganache is surprising delicious. Salads made with crunchy ingredients like cucumber, shredded carrot and juicy cherry tomatoes can also get an extra boost when some ground chili is added to the dressings.

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