Organic Green Spring Jasmine Tea

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Green tea is made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, a tree like shrub that is native to Southeast Asia. These leaves are the source of all true teas, with the difference between black, red, and green coming from the harvesting and processing methods used. For green tea the leaves are picked, dried, and heat-treated to prevent oxidation of the leaves, this allows them to retain their color and locks in unique flavors and aromas. However, despite the specific processing of green tea, there is still an abundance of variances due to the cultivar of tree, harvesting times, and growing regions. These variables result in subtle changes, in both taste and aroma, much like fine wines.

The practices associated with green tea cultivation and consumption, as we know it, originated in China roughly 4,000 years ago -where it originally was an activity reserved for the social elites. The drink soon became widespread in China, quickly became popularized in the rest of Asia, and by the 17th century, tea was a globally traded commodity -being enjoyed by much of the Western world.åÊ The drink is now enjoyed in nearly every corner of the globe, with Americans alone consuming over 80 billion servings of tea annually.

Today green tea is favored for its sensual taste, light caffeine content, and associated health benefits. One of the most significant aspects of the teas celebrated nutritional profile is the abundance of polyphenols and flavonoids. These antioxidants, along with the teas array of enzymes, amino acids, micronutrients, and minerals, have been suggested to help aid in digestion, improve brain function, and lower risk of certain cancers.

This Organic Spring Jasmine Green Tea is a refreshing combination of our specially selected green tea leaves delicately mixed with whole jasmine flowers. The synergistic effects, of this seemingly simple blend, create a pleasantly sweet cup of tea with a deep floral fragrance.

Brewing at Home

Green tea is one of the more delicate varieties of teas, as such, it is important to ensure that it is not brewed to long ‰ÛÒwhich can result in a bitter taste, resulting from the release of tannins. The perfect steep should be no more than 2 minutes, with water ranging from 160 to 180F. Traditionally the ratio would be 1 tsp. of our organic green tea per 5 oz cup of water. However, many people enjoy a significantly stronger tea ratio ‰ÛÒthe best thing to do is play with the amounts until you find which ratio creates your perfect cup.

Ingredients: organic Sencha, organic jasmine flower, organic Spring Jasmine


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All of our methods, are completely compatible with the full USDA Organic standard, while managing to meet - or surpass - strict FDA regulated safety standards. Our key technologies include: Steam Treated Spice, Steam Treated Spices.


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