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Our Organic Cut and Sifted Lemongrass comes from the fragrant tropical grass variety of Cymbopogon, that became an instant hit in the Western world when Thai food was introduced. With its strong lemony flavor and robust fragrance, this tasty ‰ÛÏgrass‰۝ is known as the culinary herb of Asia, and an easy-to-use herb that will entice any dish asking for a lemon-like boost of citrusy deliciousness.

This aromatic plant has has been used as a food flavoring and for its medicinal uses for centuries in the whole of Asia, India and Africa. The oldest known text about lemongrass has been found in the Philippines in the 17th century. The herb then made its way west when it was introduced to Jamaica in 1799, traveling to the USA in 1917. The citronella oil from lemongrass has allow it to become popular worldwide in a variety of uses like cosmetics, insect repellents, and other pharmaceutical applications‰ÛÓwhile it‰۪s divine flavor and aroma have allowed it to become a widely loved tea and cooking flavor.

Lemongrass is an aromatic healer, with its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties making it a sought after herb worldwide. It is also suggested that naturally occurring properties of the lemongrass make it supportive of healthy cholesterol levels, and help it cleanse out toxins from the body. It is also believed in many cultures, that the consumption of lemongrass may help to relieve stomach disorders, insomnia, and respiratory disorders.

Using at home
Lemongrass is a healthy way to add a citrusy zest and lemon-like deliciousness to a variety of seafood dishes, curries, and stews. Particularly good use is based on Thai cuisine‰۪s famous Tom Yam noodle soup‰ÛÓwhich is truly divine. The lovely citrusy aroma also provides for a beautiful fragrance in desserts and sweet pastries, while infusing lemongrass in tea brings out a lovely scent and flavor to the drink.

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