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Our Organic Hot Smoked Paprika is made from chili-like peppers that are slowly dried over an oak-burning fire, known for bringing out that smoky flavor characteristic found in many Spanish dishes. Also known as Pimenton de la Vera in Spanish, the secret to this flavorfully loved spice is the extremely slow drying process, drawn out for weeks, to bring out a woodsy, earthy, hot flavor. Hot smoked paprika has seen an enormous, well deserved surge in popularity, not only adds it a beautiful color to stews and sauces, but also bite and that ‰Û÷punch‰۪, which makes Mexican/Spanish dishes so irresistible appetizing. Best of all, our direct sourced paprika, uses no chemical processing and assures the most robust flavor and fragrance available.

The history of paprika is vague, and difficult to trace, though we know it spread from Asia into Europe centuries ago. It is also known that the sweeter version that has become so widespread today, was thanks to a Central European plant breeder who was able to create a variety that demonstrated less of the harsh spiciness that had long been associated with the spice.

A small amount of peppers delivers antioxidants and many nutrients, such as, Vitamin A, E, and B6 in abundance. There is also a load of iron, while the Capsaicin that produces the heat in peppers relaxes blood vessels which is believed to help lower blood pressure. åÊ

Using at Home
Hot smoked paprika is hot, yet not to the extreme and therefore the perfect choice in stews, sauces, and side dishes‰ÛÓlike dips. It pairs beautifully with the natural savoriness of chicken dishes, but is also a favorite in salsas and chili recipes. Another simple usage is roasting a batch of eggplant with garlic, onions, and a pinch of this rich spice to create a dish that will have your taste buds singing. While the versatility of the spice makes it hard to go wrong, you can also take advantage of the unique color that it imparts on dishes, by either incorporating into, or sprinkling on top just before serving.

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Our ingredients are sourced from the highest quality growers around the world, with consistent and large production quantities available. Whatever your needs, you've found a partner dedicated to providing quality ingredients that make your business stand out, with a level of service that you can rely on.

All of our methods, are completely compatible with the full USDA Organic standard, while managing to meet - or surpass - strict FDA regulated safety standards. Our key technologies include: Steam Treated Spice, Steam Treated Spices.


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