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Our Organic Ground Thyme is the conveniently powdered equivalent to whole thyme. The ground version imparts the same earthiness and warmth in cooking, just note to use about one third to half of the amount quantified in a recipe compared to the whole version. This herb, native to the Mediterranean, has had its popularity grow to international stardom with the cuisines it belongs to. No question in a cook‰۪s mind that without thyme French and Mediterranean dishes wouldn‰۪t be the same in taste and fragrance.

Like all strong flavored herbs, thyme has been observed as a protector by practitioners in ancient times. The herb grows and grew in the wild and could easily be found by all, burning the herb and inhaling the scent was associated with strength, courage, and bravery‰ÛÓwhich may explain the subsequent popular culinary use of the herb, as cooking with and eating the herb was obviously more favorable to many than just inhaling the scent. Frequently combined with rosemary and sage, some protection against the smell of less fresh food was also provided before refrigeration existed. Today these uses have faded, but the beloved flavor and fragrance of the spice has allowed it to travel the world and earn its place in the current global fusion cuisine.

People for centuries have used different parts of the thyme plant to cure various common health problems. The flowers, leaves, and oil were (and still are) used as a remedy to cure or bring relief to bed-wetting, arthritis, stomach aches, sore throats and bronchitis. The thymol found in thyme is beneficial for a variety of medical issues people may experience, in particular it‰۪s powerful antibacterial aspects. The herb is also suggested to help with acne treatment, hypertension, and stimulating the whole metabolism system,

Using at Home
Thyme blends extremely well with rosemary, garlic, and onion‰ÛÓmixing these with paprika, turmeric, and some chili powder is a great way to create the most uniquely mouth-watering spice rub you‰۪ll ever taste. Another simple weeknight dish, is to season scored chicken legs with salt and crushed black pepper and a sprinkle thyme, drizzle olive oil, and roast for 40 minutes in a 325Foven. Thyme also works great in desserts, try adding some to poached peaches, reduce the cooking liquid to syrupy and serve with ice cream‰ÛÓcreating a true fight-over-the-last-bite dessert!

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Our ingredients are sourced from the highest quality growers around the world, with consistent and large production quantities available. Whatever your needs, you've found a partner dedicated to providing quality ingredients that make your business stand out, with a level of service that you can rely on.

All of our methods, are completely compatible with the full USDA Organic standard, while managing to meet - or surpass - strict FDA regulated safety standards. Our key technologies include: Steam Treated Spice, Steam Treated Spices.


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