We're happy to announce the opening of MISSION: HEIRLOOM, a grain-free restaurant in Berkeley, CA. 


Here's what Kate from MISSION: HEIRLOOM has got to say:

"Mission: Heirloom is a multi-platform food company that provides inspired, nutrient-dense meals for delivery and at our soon-to-open cafe in Berkeley. We are above and beyond the ordinary health food restaurant, as we are scrupulous in our avoidance of toxins in everything from the food we serve to the air we breathe. That’s why we love Spicely. Each item meets our high standards for taste and nutrition.

At Mission: Heirloom, we believe that the route to a strong body and planet is found by sourcing and serving meals that are healthy, delicious, and joyful. To do so, we combine the latest dietary research with creative culinary ideas, finding inspiration from comfort food all over the world and merging the best flavors we taste with our high nutritional standards. We recognize that everyone has different food allergies and intolerances—we view these requirements as culinary opportunities. Like a well tended garden, we are an ever-evolving work-in-progress. We are constantly studying, learning, and tinkering to meet our mission of elevating health, elevating food, and elevating joy."


Follow MISSION: HEIRLOOM on their Facebook for opening information!


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