Whether it's for the holidays, special occasions, or just wanting something to cool down with, ice cream can be used everywhere! Today we feature McConnell's Fine Ice Cream located in Santa Barbara, California. 


"McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams has been churning out its authentic, truly handcrafted ice creams from Santa Barbara, California since 1949.

In 2012 McConnell’s passed to its third generation of family ownership, when husband and wife Michael Palmer and Eva Ein (he's a winemaker, she's a chef) came aboard and changed…nothing.

Why? While the world has shifted dramatically in the last years - to an appreciation for things like organics, local ingredients and sustainable production - McConnell’s has been holding to these principles for almost 70 years.

McC’s uses the finest ingredients, from fresh, grass-grazed, California Central Coast milk and cream, to cage-free organic eggs, to everything else that goes into their uniquely rich, incredibly creamy ice creams.

And never any stabilizers, fillers or additives. Not even the natural kind (no gums, starches, syrups, etc.).

Made from scratch, by craftspeople obsessed with getting it right, McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams set the standard years ago. It’s the same one they hold to today."

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