Happy National Watermelon Day! Did you know that this fruit originated in South Africa? Egyptian pharaohs loved this treat, and by the 10th century it had traveled all the way to China!

You’ve probably seen pictures of watermelon mojitos and Greek salads on your social media feed by now. But let’s face it, why mess with this delicious fruit and make things complicated?

Take a look at this Mexican classic - watermelon with chili, lime and a touch of salt to bring out the sweetness. In cities with large Mexican population like Los Angeles and San Diego, street vendors push carts around town during the hot summer months, selling watermelon slices, jicama spears, and coconut meat that’s sprinkled with chili powder and lime juice. The contrast of flavors really makes the fruits shine!

Watermelons, cubed or sliced
Organic Chili Powder
Himalayan pink salt Grinder
Sprinkle chili powder liberally over the watermelons. Squeeze a lime wedge over it, and give a three-fingered pinch of good salt. Dig in and enjoy National Watermelon Day!

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