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Organic Peppercorn White Ground
Organic Peppercorn White Ground
Organic Peppercorn White Ground
Organic Peppercorn White Ground
Organic Peppercorn White Ground
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Organic Peppercorn White Ground

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Our Organic Pepper White Ground is direct sourced from certified organic farms who specialize in the premium cultivation of the "pepper plant", scientifically known as Piper Nigrum. These plants produce tiny fruit balls, which grow on a climbing vine, similar to grapes, that are the source of one of the world's most beloved spices. While these peppercorns are strikingly similar to the popular table-top black pepper in flavor and aroma, there are some slight variations. These differences come from the fact that they, just after harvesting and prior to drying, have had their outer skin removed. The removal of this outer skin creates a final product that tends to boast more spicy notes than traditional pepper but lacks the sophisticated range of flavors offered by other peppercorns--which allows it to meld better with more dominating natural flavors.

Independent 3rd Party Certifications: Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan

Using at home
These all-natural white peppercorns are a great way to add a unique kick of spiced-hotness to your favorite foods, basically in the same way you would use normal black pepper. The thing to keep in mind is that white pepper tends to have a bit more hotness, so be careful to not overpower the dish. Another great usage of these is that the color blends well with cream-based sauces and other light-colored dishes!

Pepper has been a highly prized trade good for centuries, black peppercorn, also known as "black gold", has been the focus of this globally traded empire. The use of peppercorns dates back to ancient Egypt, with evidence suggesting that peppercorns were used during mummification rituals. More recent history relates to the spices trade initiated by Dutch traders who found pepper in Indonesia, spreading it to the rest of the world. Once integrated into cuisines, the flavorful peppercorns quickly took hold, and today are one of the most widely traded spices worldwide.

Peppercorns are believed to stimulate the taste buds which is thought to help the stomach increase hydrochloric acid secretion, helping with digestion, preventing constipation, and gas irritation along the way. Black pepper also demonstrates impressive antioxidant and antibacterial effects.

Ingredients: Organic Pepper White Ground

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