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Our Organic Whole Anise Seeds are simply the pre-ground form of the powerfully aromatic and intensely flavorful spice knownåÊas anise. The sourcing of this spice is simply the seeds of a flowering plant native to the eastern Mediterranean region, that are then sun-dried to preserve their freshness. The flavor of these whole seeds is similar to the ground spice and most resembles the taste and fragrance of licorice, fennel, and star anise. The benefit of buying these organic anise seeds whole, which can be ground prior to use or used whole, is that the robustness of the flavor and fragrance are better preserved. Anise‰۪s unique fragrance and taste allow it to be used in a variety of savory or sweet foods, drinks, and cosmetics. This all-natural whole spice is 100% gluten free and has not had any synthetic chemicals used to process it, ensuring the highest level of all-natural quality and freshness.

Anise was first cultivated in the Middle East, mainly for culinary uses, before gaining popularity in the West for its medicinal properties. Most celebrated was its ability to relieve gas, aid digestion, and relieve abdominal pain. This powerful remedy was embraced by cultures all over the world, including the ancient Romans who famously served anise spiced cakes at the end of their feasts as a digestive, as well as west Indian cuisines who commonly drank an anise spiced beverage after their final course. Beyond its medicinal properties, the spice gained global fame thanks to the powerful aromatic qualities and novel flavors that could be used to craft candies, soaps, herbal teas, liquors, perfumes, candles, and even fishing lures. Despite its long-held global appreciation and impressive versatility, the cultivation and usage of the spice has decreased significantly in the last several decades ‰ÛÒdue to the introduction of star anise which is much cheaper to produce, and features similar aromatic and flavor properties.

This spice has been long celebrated for its powerful medicinal properties and health benefits, especially in the realm of abdominal and digestive health. In particular, the spice is known to reduce bloating, flatulence, menstrual cramps, and constipation. Anise is also a powerful antioxidant, and associated with helping relieve asthmatic related respiratory issues and insomnia.

Using at Home
The flavor-punch of licorice like sweetness and nostril widening fragrance that this unique spice packs has made it widely popular in a range of products from liquors, drinks and food, to cosmetics, candles, and medicines. In your own kitchen, these seeds can be used whole in a number of culinary projects, such as adding to pickling liquid, mixing with your favorite loose leaf tea, or infusing your liquor of choice by simply letting them soak for a number of days in the bottle. Of course these seeds can also be ground at home to render the ever-popular anise spice in powder form, a beautiful addition to all sorts of spiced desserts and savory meat dishes. Best of all, these whole seeds work to safeguard the oxidation of its oils, meaning that if ground immediately prior to usage, the powder will boast a much more complex range of aromas and flavors -guaranteed to give your next creation the layer of irresistible licorice-like flavor that you‰۪ve been looking for!

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All of our methods, are completely compatible with the full USDA Organic standard, while managing to meet - or surpass - strict FDA regulated safety standards. Our key technologies include: Steam Treated Spice, Steam Treated Spices.


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