Organic Peppercorn Black, Crushed (28 Mesh)

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Our Organic Ground Black Peppercorns are derived from the fruit of the Piper Nigrum plant, better known as the "pepper plant". The fruits, known as peppercorns, grow on a climbing vine-similar to grapes, in clusters. The secret to the highest quality culinary grade peppercorns, is ensuring that they are hand picked at the exact right time--when they not quite ripe. This is the peak of their robust flavor, and by delicately dehydrating them at this time, the exotic tastes and aromas are perfectly preserved. There are three types of peppercorns, black, white and green, of which, black pepper has the strongest flavor and aroma -slightly hot with a hint of peppered sweetness.

Pepper has been a highly prized trade good for centuries, black peppercorns, also known as black gold has been the focus of this globally traded empire. The use of peppercorns dates back to ancient Egypt, with evidence suggesting that peppercorns were used during mummification rituals. More recent history relates to the spices trade initiated by Dutch traders who found pepper in Indonesia, spreading it to the rest of the world. Once integrated into cuisines, the flavorful peppercorns quickly took hold, and today are one of the most widely traded spices worldwide.

Black pepper stimulates the taste buds which is believed to help the stomach increase hydrochloric acid secretion helping with digestion, preventing constipation, and gas irritation along the way. Black pepper also demonstrates impressive anti-oxidant and ant-bacterial effects.

Using at home
The use of crushed black peppercorns, is perhaps, the one spice that needs no introduction or explanation. This common table-top spice has become so routine in it's use that it is hardly even thought about on a daily basis, and for good reason, since it goes good with everything! However, while our direct sourced all-natural peppercorns can be easily used in these routine ways--there are also some deliciously creative ways to try them out! For instance, using the spicy-hot notes of the crushed peppercorns to incorporate a layer of pungently irresistible flavor into your next dessert! This works best in items that are relatively flavor neutral, like a cheese cake, or in items that already boast the spicy-sweetness of the holiday spices: nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, or cloves.

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All of our methods, are completely compatible with the full USDA Organic standard, while managing to meet - or surpass - strict FDA regulated safety standards. Our key technologies include: Steam Treated Spice, Steam Treated Spices.


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