Today we feature Raaka Chocolate! They use some of our products in their chocolate, including their Lapsang Chai Chocolate bar! Here is more information about Raaka Chocolate:


"Raaka Chocolate is a small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate maker working out of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Raaka makes chocolate using unroasted beans to deliver flavors which are lost in traditional chocolate making. Raaka is one of the few chocolate makers which is nut-free (nut-free facility), soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and USDA organic. Their bars reflect the subtleties of the regions from which they source cocoa beans, and their recipes and processes create an experience you simply can't find in other chocolate bars.  Raaka received a 2013 Good Food Award for their Bourbon Cask Aged bar.

Raaka is set apart by its commitments to fair trade, fair wages, and bringing joy and mindfulness to its work.  They currently purchase cocoa beans that have been directly traded with OKO Carribe (Dominican Republic), La Red Guaconejo (a co-op of 160 family farms in Northern Dominican Republic), CIAAB (a co-op in  Bolivia), Maya Mountain Cacao (Belize), and Maronon Chocolate (Peru Nacional). The cocoa farmers from whom they purchase cocoa beans receive at minimum $500 above market price per metric ton. At today’s cocoa prices, this is equivalent to a 20% raise for the farmers."

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