April 19th is National Organic Garlic Day! To celebrate, here’s some fun facts about organic garlic:

  1. Organic Garlic has been used for a very long time - there are even records of it from when Giza pyramids were built! (around 2500 BC)
  2. Organic Garlic is famous for its culinary and medicinal uses, but many cultures also use it as a repellent against evil! Garlic against vampires is a famous example from Central Europe. In Ancient Greece, garlic was left at crossroads as an offering to Hecate, goddess of witches. In some parts of India, garlic, lemon, and red chili are secured above the front door to ward off potential evil.
  3. Chicago is named after a wild garlic that grows around Lake Michigan - shiikaakwa in the Miami-Illinois language.
  4. Although organic garlic is called “the stinking rose”, it’s actually in the Lily family.
  5. Organic Garlic did not become popular in the United States until the 1940s. Old nicknames from the 1920s  include “the Italian rose” “Halitosis” and “Bronx Vanilla”.
  6. Sticky garlic juice has been used to mend glass and porcelain.
  7. You can mix organic chopped garlic with water and spray your garden with it to ward off aphids and nematodes!

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