Featured in our blog today is Simply Chopped! They use locally-sourced ingredients when possible and not only focus on providing the body a source of sustained energy, but also give back to the community and environment. Read what Angela, the founder and owner of Simply Chopped has to say!


"Simply Chopped® is not a spun marketing creation nor what we think our customers want to hear.  It’s just who we are, people like you.  We too want products without ingredients that sound like they came from a chemistry textbook. We want healthy food made right here in the USA, using local-sourced ingredients when possible. We have > 50% Organic Ingredients in all of our snack bars, and are proud to use Spicely Organics (nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves).  Where did we start?  Great question.  Angela Neale, the Founder/Owner began making snack products back in the 1980's as a Cyclist. She continued to make them throughout her US Army Military Service and then through College.  Now these snack bar products are brought to you.

At Simply Chopped® we believe in a lot of things. We believe in producing a high-quality snack that is real food and not empty fillers. We believe that gluten free can taste awesome, and we are proud to offer snacks free of soy and dairy. More importantly, we believe in the need for a sustainable world, which is why Simply Chopped® practices Eco-friendly production that includes biodegradable products, recycling, and composting. Most importantly, we believe in giving back. A percent of all profits are donated to leading organizations that champion the environment and animal welfare, such as Oceana and local no-kill shelters such as Good Mews.  Visit www.simplychopped.com to learn more about both our product and our values."



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