It’s National Popcorn Month! Americans eat about 16 million quarts a year of this delicious snack - that’s about 51 quarts per person! Here’s some popcorn trivia for you to get your celebration on:

  • The earliest recorded use of corn is for popping!
  • Historical Spaniard accounts state that popcorn was often used as garlands and crowns for Aztec ceremonies, as well as for snacking.
  • The oldest ears of popcorn were found in Bat Cave, New Mexico in the 1940s. It was dated to be 4000 years old and 2 inches long!
  • Popcorn consumption dropped in the 1950s when home televisions were introduced and people stopped going to the movies…
  • ...But came right back up when the home microwave hit the market!

Popcorn is surprising easily to customize. Just toss some in a bowl with oil, salt, and spices. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Canola oil, salt, and Organic Tsaziki Seasoning with a drizzle of lemon juice
  • Melted coconut oil, salt, and Organic Vadouvan Seasoning for an exotic curry popcorn
  • Melted butter, salt, and Organic Chili Seasoning with a spritz of lime juice

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