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Organic Mace, Ground - Spicely Organics
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Organic Mace Ground
Organic Mace Ground
Organic Mace Ground
Organic Mace Ground
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Organic Mace Ground

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Our Organic Ground Mace is the outer net-like layer that surrounds the nutmeg stone. Imagine a fruit, when you peel off the skin you see a slight waxy covering surrounding a hard shell that protects the precious nutmeg‰ÛÓour mace is made from the dried protective layer that surrounds these seeds. The flavor of mace is similar to that of nutmeg with a slight peppery notes and subtly spicy sweetness. Sourced directly at peak freshness and minimally processed without the use of any artificial ingredients or chemicals, our ground mace packs uniquely irresistible flavor and fragrance.

Nutmeg has been at the center of the spice trade in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Dutch fought and eventually won the battle via a bloody war including the enslavement and massacre of the inhabitants of Banda Island in Indonesia where nutmeg is native to. In 1760 the price of nutmeg was 85 to 90 shilling per pound, a price kept artificially high by the Dutch. Mace had to be peeled of the outer layer of the nutmeg and was found to be as flavorful as the nutmeg itself and Mace found its way in the culinary world.

Mace is characteristically composed of a higher concentration of essential oils then nutmeg, features not known to the traders in the Middle Ages. The active principals of mace have many therapeutic applications in traditional medicine as anti- fungal, anti- depressant, digestive aid. Mace is also a highly valuable source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Iron‰ÛÓwhich is excellent for red blood cell production.

Using at Home
Use our all-natural ground mace as a more subtle delicate alternative for dishes who do not require the darker flecks of nutmeg, white cream sauces, and recipes containing milk are also suitable for using Ground Mace instead of nutmeg. Some great uses include: mashed potatoes, savory cakes, and pastries‰ÛÓor get creative and try adding some into coffee grounds, your favorite cocktail, or oatmeal cookies, for a deliciously unique twist!

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