Chervil, or French Parsley, is what makes restaurant food so snazzy - this fine little leaf adds just enough herbaceousness to mild dishes like poultry, fish, and soups. Chervil has a very delicate flavor profile, and should only be added right before the finish. And how does it taste? It tastes like a dainty parsley with a little hint of anise!

So how would we go about using our our Organic Chervi Here’s some ideas for starters:

  • sprinkle it on top of velvety soups like Cream of Mushroom, Carrot Ginger, or Vichyssoise.
  • toss some popcorn with sea salt, melted butter, and chives for a fancy treat.
  • add some to your favorite potato salad or egg salad recipe for some herby oomph.
  • brush some pita with olive oil, sprinkle with chervil and sea salt, and toast. Pita chips!
  • make herb butter to go with it

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