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Detox Spices

Spices and herbs have always been use as medicine; to this day Ayurvedic and Chinese apothecaries prescribe them to cure ailments and detoxify the body. Here’s what some spices are purpotrated to do. Before you include them in your diet, make sure to consult your physician to confirm that they won’t interfere with your current medications or conditions! Turmeric contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties. One study showes that 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon daily reduced cholesterol. Ginger is a popular antiemetic for everyone - from dogs to pregnant women! Cumin has always been used as an anticarminative. Garlic is...

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How To Make Spiced Syrup

Have you ever tried making your own spice syrup? It’s very easy to make and versatile to use - squirt some in soda water to make Italian soda, add it to your coffee for a holiday treat, or drizzle some on vanilla ice cream for a sultry touch! You can use any spice, but be sure to use whole spices so that you get a beautiful, clear syrup. In this sample recipe we used our Organic Mulling Spice, which is made of a combination of warm autumn spices. Toasting or scorching wakes up the essential oils, so that you...

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Spiced Jams and Jellies

Jams and jellies are ancient preservation methods that are still appreciated today, and with good reason – it’s easy to make and stores so well! But the simplicity can get boring at times, and younger generations of producers are creating exotic and delicious combinations to mix things up (Grapefruit and Smoked Salt? Limetta Marmalade? Blueberry Bourbon?!) Making jam and jellies are surprisingly easy. The key is make sure that (1) you’re using the right amount of sugar, (2) the jam reaches about 217F/103 C boiling point and (3) there’s enough acidity to get fruit’s natural pectin to form. Make sure work...

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5 Spices to Add to your Smoothies Now

There’s no denying that a fruit and veggie-loaded smoothie is an excellent way to start your day. But did you know that adding just a pinch of spice to your daily smoothie routine can offer even more health benefits, all while adding a whole new level of delicious flavor? Especially great for when your immunity is running low and stress is high, these ingredients offer concentrated doses of nutrients and can work wonders on your body. Toss in a teaspoon or two of some of these super spices into your next smoothie to take it to the next level. Cinnamon...

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Cinnamon & True Cinnamon

  Cinnamon is harvested from the bark of Asian evergreen trees that are 25 years or older. There are two types of tree bark that can be used, cinnamon (cinnamomum verum) and cassia (cinnamomum aromaticum). Both have similar flavors but can be distinguished when tasted in comparison.   Cassia is commonly referred to as cinnamon or Saigon cinnamon and is most likely what is available at grocery stores in the United States unless the packaging says otherwise. Cinnamon, also referred to as true cinnamon, ceylon cinnamon, canela or real cinnamon, is more delicate than cassia in both texture and flavor.    Both are...

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