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National Ants On Log Day

Ants on a log! Takes you back to kindergarten, doesn’t it? While the classic peanut butter and raisin is always good, we think that this spicy grown-up version is a great way to celebrate National Ants On A Log Day. To assemble, spread hummus over the celery stalks and top with diced red bell peppers. Spicy Hummus   1 can chickpeas, drained 2 rounded tablespoons tahini (sesame paste) 1/2 tsp Organic Crushed Pepper Flakes 1 tsp Organic Ground Cumin 1 tsp Organic Ground Coriander 1 tsp Organic Garlic Powder 1/2 lemon, juiced olive oil Grey Sea Salt   Combine all...

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National Watermelon Day!

Happy National Watermelon Day! Did you know that this fruit originated in South Africa? Egyptian pharaohs loved this treat, and by the 10th century it had traveled all the way to China! You’ve probably seen pictures of watermelon mojitos and Greek salads on your social media feed by now. But let’s face it, why mess with this delicious fruit and make things complicated? Take a look at this Mexican classic - watermelon with chili, lime and a touch of salt to bring out the sweetness. In cities with large Mexican population like Los Angeles and San Diego, street vendors push...

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National Fries Day

  Oh, the amazing potato in its most glorious form: the French Fry. But did you know that there are records of fries as early as the late 17th century? In a region in Belgium called Meuse Valley, it was very common for the people to fry up small fish as a staple. But in the winter, the river froze up and they couldn’t get any fish, so they decided to fry up the next best thing: potatoes! The rest is history. Since then fries have gone everywhere in the world; most country has their own regional version of it....

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  Welcome to MADE WITH SPICELY, where we feature the makers and artisans who use Spicely Organics ingredients! Today we want to introduce you to The Springs in sunny Los Angeles!Located in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, The Springs includes an organic juice bar, yoga studio, wellness center, and a 100% organic raw and vegan restaurant and wine bar. The Springs is an eco-vegan-mind-body-one-stop “Urban Oasis” for health-conscious consumers, wellness-seekers, and foodies. While the food is primarily designed to be first and foremost healthy, it is also flavorful and satisfying for vegans and carnivores alike. Helming the kitchen...

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May 30th is National Mint Julep Day!

  The mint julep is a traditional American cocktail and is said to have been invented around the 18th century in the Southern states. There are records from as early as 1784 where mint julep was prescribed for stomach ailments.Traditionally, mint julep is made with bourbon, but we have an equally fun virgin mint julep recipe for you! Organic Mint Melange Syrup 8 oz hot water 8 oz granulated sugar 1 tin Organic Mint Melange Combine all ingredients and whisk until homogeneous. Steep overnight, then strain to use. Organic Mint Julep (non-Alcoholic) 3 tsp lime juice concentrate 6 tbsp Organic...

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